summer beach fun

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July 28, 2015


Heading to the pool or beach is one of the many ways to tackle the hot summer days. But preparing ourselves could be a lot of work. From towels and toys to snacks and coolers – it can be easy to forget some of the necessities as you head out. Here are some tips for keeping things organized (and easy!) so you can have more fun in the sun this summer. Click here to some helpful tips and hints.

While you and your little ones are at the beach, it might be difficult for them to find their way to you. Here is your solution -  a DIY Beach Marker. With a few simple materials, your party group (kids and grown-ups, too) could easily find the way back whether it’s to take a nap, reapply sunscreen. Here's how to make this festive and fun Beach Marker. Save this recipe for other occasions! You can create this as a marker for a party entrance! Enjoy the summer!

You'll need:

-styrofoam ball (we used a 10 in ball)

-1 inch gaffers tape (we used neon pink, neon yellow, and neon orange) 

-a 1" x 48" round poplar dowel

-neon pink spray paint

-fabric (we used mint and gold faux leather)


1. First paint your dowel the neon color of your choice.

2. Then start decorating the ball by taping the entire styrofoam ball with your base color (we used yellow) by wrapping it around and around until it’s covered.

3. Once it’s covered, use an x-acto to cut out a hole on one end that’s just a bit smaller than the dowel. You may have to cut through the tape a few times to carve out the hole. This is where you will be placing the end of the dowel.

4. Then, you the other tape colors to create a pattern of your choice. We made an overlapping striped pattern.

Then, to make the tassels:

5. Cut 1-inch strips of fabric to your desired length. 

6. Fold the strips in half and use a wire to secure the tassels to the dowel. We covered the wire with an extra piece of fabric to create a band around the tassel and dowel to make it more decorative. 


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